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Fertilizer based on potassium humate with the addition of a balanced set of macro- and micronutrients. Provides all the necessary plant nutrients, carries out conservation and transformation of nutrients in the soil nutrient complexes that are completely absorbed by the plant. By increasing the permeability of the cell membrane, is an active transport of nutrients to the plant. Apply fertilizer when soaking seeds, seedlings or saplings ensure amicable germination and germination, strong root system of the plant.

Smart Grow / 18-18-18 / quickly corrects a lack of nutrients.
• As a result of humate actively developed root system, enhanced root plant nutrition and moisture absorption. Intensification root nutrition contributes humate complex impact on the ground.

• Increased biomass plants and increased metabolism leads to increased photosynthesis by plants and accumulation of carbohydrates.

• Increased activity of all cells of the plant. As a result of increasing energy cells, optimized physical and chemical properties of protoplasm, enhanced metabolism, photosynthesis, respiration, synthesis of proteins and carbohydrates. As a result, accelerated cell division, and thus improves overall plant development.

Smart Grow / 18-18-18 / increases plant resistance to adverse environmental factors: extreme temperatures, waterlogging, strong wind.

It is a natural stimulant plant growth and development:

• It activates the synthesis of enzymes in the plant,

• Stimulates root development, enhances immunity.

• When introduced into the soil increases its fertility due to better soil properties and enhance microflora.

• Increases the efficiency of fertilizers not allow their leaching.

• Gumat linking pesticide residues, heavy metals, clean soil from various chemical pollutants.


Chemical composition



Extract of potassium humate

150 h/l

Organic matter                      

150-200 h/l

Total fulvic acid

≤10 h/l

Total amino acids

≤10 h/l

Total nitrogen

≤18 h/l

Phosphorus (P2O5)

≤18 h/l

Potassium (K2O)

≥18 h/l

Trace elements (Cu Fe Mn Zn B)

5 h/l

Open the catalog in PDF