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SMART GROW® /ALGUM®/ - unique fertilizer, special ingredients which help the plant to quickly compensate for the lack of nutrients and easy to leave the stress of different origin (adverse weather conditions, pesticide use, crop damage, etc.).
The drug activates the metabolism, photosynthesis, synthesis of proteins and carbohydrates, growth processes, accelerates cell division, which gives the plant the opportunity to fully realize its potential.
SMART GROW® /ALGUM®/ promotes balanced growth of roots and above-ground mass, and promotes the differentiation of flower buds, transferring a plant from the vegetative type of development in generative. Promotes head azuwan fruit, prevents dusting of flowers, and head IDE, increases immunity to diseases. Relieves stress of various origins, increases productivity and product quality, improve the color of the fruit accelerates the ripening.
SMART GROW® /ALGUM®/ recommended to add to the mix for seed, where at the expense of potassium HUMATE, trace elements and natural hormones, vitamins and amino acids from extracts of seaweed greatest effect of stimulating the germination and germination energy of seeds.
  • Accelerates the germination of seeds;
  • Increases the immunity of plants to diseases of infectious and non-infectious nature;
  • Increases the number of buds and shoots on the plant. Accelerates the ripening period of 3-7 days, increase shelf life and storage.
  • When applied to the soil provides a comprehensive and balanced nutrition of plants, improves the soil structure;
  • Prevents contamination of plant diseases transmitted through the soil;
  • Increases resistance of plants to diseases and adverse environmental factors. 



Dark brown liquid


Weak odor

рН in 10%


Specific gravity

1,20-1,25 g/ml

Solubility in water





Potassium HUMATE


Seaweed extract

180 g/l

Organic matter

150-200 g/l

Alginic acid

20 g/l

Total amino acids

20 г/л


2,0 мг/л


11,0 мг/л

Total nitrogen (N)

90 г/л

Phosphorus (P2O5)

90 г/л

Potassium (K2O)

150 г/л

Sulfur (S)


Trace elements (Cu Fe Mn Zn B)

15-20 г/л

  1. Foliar application: Apply in 200 to 500 ml/100 litres of water, 2-3 times during the growing season at intervals of 10-15 days, it is advisable to handle before and after flowering respectively. Note: Before use, stir well. Apply early morning or late evening, avoiding spraying during rain, strong wind or extreme temperature conditions.
  2. Fertigation: Apply in the amount of 1-5 l/ha simultaneously with irrigation, depending on the phase of plant development. The number can be entered up to 10 times per season.
  3. Treatment of seeds: field crops seed treatment is carried out simultaneously with the etching. On the Eaton seeds using 1.5-2.5 liters of the drug. For soaking of seeds of vegetable cultures using 0.2% solution of the drug. The soaking period is 8-12 hours, depending on the thickness of the seed coat and the ambient temperature. The optimum temperature of the solution for soaking 20°C. is Applied immediately before sowing.
  4. Also recommended for treatment of the root system of seedlings and cuttings by soaking in 0.1 to 0.15% solution of the drug.

Open the catalog in PDF